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Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård, born August 25, 1976, is a Swedish actor. He was born into an acting family in Stockholm, Sweden. Alexander made his acting debut in the 1984 Swedish drama film Åke och hans värld (Åke and His World). He is best known for portraying Eric Northman in the HBO series, True Blood. In 2016, Alex portrayed Tarzan in the film The Legend of Tarzan. More information...

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Alexander Skarsgard talks about his big guy-on-guy kiss

EW: Eric has been such a roller coaster this season in terms of being nice and then vicious.

AS: Well, that kind of sums up the character. You never quite know what he’s up to or where you have him. It’s been great to dig deeper and show a different side.

EW: The scene in which you seduce and then kill Russell’s husband, Talbot, was intense. What was it like to film that?

AS: I’d never kissed a guy before on a show or in a movie, and that was Theo’s first time as well, and we talked about it. It goes from being this romantic, beautiful scene, and they’re getting rough with each other and getting it on – and the turn where Eric just slaughters him. It’s such a rich scene. I basically said, We’ve got to sell it in the beginning. It’s got to be passionate and beautiful because then the payoff is going to be so much more rewarding.

EW: Eric has definitely had his share of sex scenes. Do you have a personal favorite?

AS: I did like the one where I’m having sex with Yvetta, and Sookie shows up, and I’m kind of flirting with her naked. And this is like five seconds after she saw me fucking another girl. I think that’s pretty cocky.

EW: What’s in store for Eric in the finale?

AS: I think that it’s over for me. There’s no way I can beat Russell. He’s three times my age. But then I come up with an idea of how I could possibly take him with me to meet the true death. So that’s my plan. To go down with him together.

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