Puss (Trust Me) trailer with English subtitles

Check it out below. Thanks Stephanie from GustafSkarsgard.com for uploading this trailer on youtube.

Emmy 2010 Nominations

True Blood has been nominated for Best Drama Series at Emmy 2010. HBO’s production also earned 4 other nominations (casting, makeup, sound, art direction). The most disappointing thing to me is that Alex didn’t get a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  Even Nelsan Ellis a.k.a LaFayette didn’t receive one. Like seriously?

Dan Busta Photoshoot, 2010

I’ve added this great photoshoot taken by Dan Busta (© Corbis Outline) for the Hollywood Reporter in April 2010. I’ll get high quality version of it in a few days. Stay tuned!

True Blood 3×05 ‘Trouble’

HBO released promo for episode 5 of True Blood much earlier than they usually do. I guess it was a mistake. Even though, this preview doesn’t include Mr. Eric Northman. “Trouble” will air on Sunday, July 18th.

Source: True Blood Italia

True Blood 3×04 “9 Crimes” Preview

New promo for upcoming 4th episode of True Blood has been released lately. Ahhh, I need moarrrr Eric/Sookie scenes. “9 Crimes” will have its premiere on July 11st 2010.

Source: True Blood Italia

EW: ‘True Blood’ star Alexander Skarsgard is on our Summer Must List

 True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard made the cut on our Summer Must List thanks to his devilishly delicious performance as uber-sexy vampire sheriff Eric (it also helped that Skarsgard handles the nude scenes on Bloodwith, uh, aplomb). Skarsgard talked to EW about acting in the buff, his storyline this season, and his opinion (or lack thereof) on Twilight.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s going on with Eric this season?
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: I think it’s about vengeance. You find out pretty early on in the season that something happened centuries ago that Eric’s been carrying inside and suddenly he gets an opportunity to avenge someone. That’s kind of his arc during the season. This comes off something he’s been carrying, something we didn’t know before.

We get to see flashbacks to your family right?
There are a couple of flashbacks. That was a lot of fun. They built this amazing Viking long house. It’s huge. It looked great, and we were there for two days and shot all in Swedish.

Why do you think the show’s popular?
It’s very entertaining. It’s sexy, funny, smart. I think what makes it popular is it’s not too lightweight. You believe in the characters even though some of them are thousands of years old. You can also draw parallels to our society, which makes it quite updated.

What do you think of Twilight?
I’ve never seen it. I’m not very well educated in that.

Are the sex scenes uncomfortable to shoot?
I’m not uncomfortable at all. I’ve been naked in movies before. To me it’s not a big deal. If it’s justified in the script, I don’t care.

Source: Entertainment Weekly (Popwatch)

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