Alexander in Swedish newspaper

From bluewhiteheart @ livejournal
The only thing worth mentioning really: (Well, I thought so.)

– Lars von Trier thinks Sweden is about to become more right-winged in politics than Denmark. This he got from watching ‘Allsång på Skansen’. (A TV program where the audience sings as well.) Lars: “I get provoked when I see a show like that. The only thing that’s missing is a swastika.”

– Alex said “if ‘Allsång på Skansken’ is the worst Sweden can come with it’s not too dangerous compared to Jörg Haider in Austria for example.”

– They talk a little bit about Stellan.

It’s mostly Lars who does the talking. And the rest is about his work and Melancholia.

By the way, I’ve uploaded three photoshoots from 2009 to our gallery.
Michael Muller at Comic Con
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