Emmys 2010 Live! Coverage

ASkars Daily is going to bring you live coverage from Emmy Awards 2010 today. The show starts at 8 ET/5 PT and this post will be updated with news, pictures and videos minute after minute. Stay tuned.

3:04 PT : The stars are now arriving for the Emmys red carpet. No sign of Alex yet. Watch TV Guide live stream by clicking on this link.
3:41 PT : Don’t worry! Alex still didn’t show up on the red carpet. But some of his True Blood co-stars did (e.g. Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell…). We’re waiting.
4:37 PT : Buzz Sugar – Alexander Skarsgard just gave Anna Paquin a huge hug!! (first pic!)
4:51 PT : Alexander hit the red carpet but just only for a minute. He wanted to run away from paparazzis but they were yelling “Alexanderrrrr, Alexanderrrr” and he turned back and posed for few pics. 😀 Love him!
5:00 PT : The show has just started!
• A small glimpse of Alexander at the beginning of the show (he’s there with his friend!). Credit: Sherry2227

6:54 PT : True Blood cast will present an award in 22 minutes.
7:27 PT : Only 7 minutes to see True Blood cast on the stage!
7:34 PT : True Blood trio on the stage! Alex is the hottest man in the building, for real. 😉 Video below, sorry for the crappy quality.

8:00 PT : The end. True Blood didn’t win in its category (Best Drama). That’s too bad!

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  1. Appears Kate’s expiration date has arrived. She generally has a good year or so and then all her boyfriends leave. No photos of the two of them together since July 5th. Alex arrives at airport from Sweden alone , no photos of B-day celebration ,no pics of Kate at Emmys or after parties and he leaves on 30th for Hawaii to film Battleship. hmmmm

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