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Battle of The Fang coming to an end

Written by Jess on September 09 2010

As the climatic finale of HBO’s hit series True Blood airs on September 12, 2010, another highly anticipated ending will be in sight for Truebies: the end of the Battle of the Fang, the Looziana Grudge Match that has pitted Team Eric against Team Bill in an effort to see which team could raise the most money for charity.
Battle of the Fang has been endorsed by both Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Moyer with Skarsgård choosing the charity of SOS Children’s Villages, an organization that focuses on family-based, long-term care of children who can no longer grow up with their biological families. A charity that has also seen support in the past from such stars as Angelina Jolie. Meanwhile, Moyer decided his team’s efforts at fundraising would go to assist in the Gulf Aid, clean-up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.
What’s more is that Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård have both agreed to be photographed wearing a T-shirt designed by the winning actor and their team!
High stakes (pun intended) to be sure! Which may explain why both actors felt the need to donate items to be auctioned off for this event. Skarsgård donated two autographed scripts while Moyer donated an autographed script and had a much more colorful donated item of a “sock of destiny” or as some like to call it a c*ck sock.
Skarsgård’s scripts were auctioned at $2,650 and $2,741 for a total of $5,391. Moyer’s script went for $2,750, while the sock was sold for a final price of $1,650, for a total of $4,400.
The total donations for the two teams as of September 8, 2010 were $21,341 for Team Eric and $22,411 for Team Bill (
With the end coming closer and closer, it will be interesting to see if the Viking-Lovers can catch up with Bill’s Wick’d Women!
To find out how you can help, go to for Team Eric and to True Blood News at the Nest for Team Bill.


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