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Meet & Greet with Fans in Poland

Written by Jess on September 29 2010

EDIT: Read Meg’s experience with meeting Alexander on Tuesday. Details inside. 🙂

Me *sigh* and Alexander at meet & greet in Poland yesterday.

I actually still can’t believe that I met Alexander but okay, where should I start? I was there around 5:30 PM or even earlier, along with 12 people who were supposed to meet Alex. Then HBO crew showed us a small space in “35mm” club, where the whole meeting took place. We were waiting for Alexander and thinking what kind of questions we should ask. And then…. Mr. Skarsgård came in with a huge smile on his face. Oh God, I cannot even describe how I felt. He was a little bit shy (so did I) but we asked him to sit down with us. Alex was there with his friend. As far as I remember, her name was Hannah but I’m not 100% sure. Very nice lady, though. We started asking some various questions. I asked him about “Battleship” – it was pretty funny situation because when I’m nervous, I talk really fast and Alex didn’t understand me at first so I had to repeat my question LOL. Also, I told him about and he replied: “Thank you. It’s very flattering”. 😉 Alex said that he will definitely pay a visit. After that, my dearest Meg mentioned her friends site and Alex response was: “Library? I have a library? Cool. Like a president. Yeah.” Priceless, isn’t it? We couldn’t stop laughing 😀 Ohh, I forgot to say that girls from Truly Bitten had few gifts for him – Polish vodka Zubrowka, t-shirt with “Don’t ask me to bite you” sign and some other things. Then, it was time for autographs & pictures. We had crappy markers so it was hard for Alex to sign some pictures. Mine is not the best as well but I’m still happy 🙂 Absolutely fanGtastic day! Alexander is a great guy – cool, nice, very laid back, THE BEST. Keep up the great work, Alex! I am really proud to be your fan and I will support you forever & always.

More pictures which I took (some of them are blurred :/)

And below you can find short videos with Alex while he was doing interview with HBO Poland. I was sitting in the first row, across from Alexander and this ‘journalist’. Yeah, I had perfect view 😉

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2 Comments to "Meet & Greet with Fans in Poland"

  1. Judith says:

    OMG!! I can feel you shakin’
    It’s always amazing to finally meet the personal idol. I’d like to meet him as well… badly

    You’re sooooo lucky, girl <3

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks 🙂

    Aww Flicka, that’s too bad but I’m sure that you will get a chance to meet Alex one day. <3 🙂