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SyFy Interview with Alex (part 1)

Written by Jess on October 04 2010

Thanks to my friend Lotti from for the translation. ♥

Like we posted earlier last week, Alexander from “True Blood” was in Munich last Friday and took the time to answer some questions. For yet three years the sympathetic Swede performs the 1000 year old vampire Eric Northman in the US-Hit-Show and gained many, many fans worldwide. Now here’s part one of the interview.

“True Blood” is often mentioned as “Twilight” for adults – with sex and lots of blood. What was the first thing you learned about the series?
Alexander: The first thing I learned was that I was supposed to play a viking-vampire. At first I thought it sounded a bit trashy, but the I learned, that Alan Ball [writer and creator of “True Blood”] is on the show, as well, and that it will be produced for HBO. At that time we were working on “Generation Kill”, another HBO-series. And to work for HBO was amazing and phantastic. The combination of HBO and Alan Ball convinced me, that “True Blood” was definitly a show to participate on.

What crossed your mind when you read about the sexscenes in the script?
Alexander: I thought: Wow, that sounds great! Sex scenes only will be a problem if you feel exploited. When they make sense with the character and the story I don’t have a problem with it, at all. Then it’s fun.

It’s also fun to watch. Do you laugh a lot while filming?
Alexander: Sure, we have a lot of fun.

Were there any particularly funny moments?
Alexander: There is an amazing spirit. “True Blood” has a phantastic cast and crew. This is Alans strength, that he has great people around him. Sometimes it seemes really surreal: In one of the first episodes of season 3 me and another actor were in uniforms of World War 2. It was 7 a.m. and we were wired, we did an action scene. That was one of these moments when we looked at eachother and thought, well that’s our job now…

And you get well payed for it.
Alexander: Yes, it’s crazy!

Last season you spoke german a bit.
Alexander: I’ve been in Germany a few times and I learned German in school. It was only for a year and I wasn’t really good at it, but it was enough to read the scenes.

How do you explain the huge success of “True Blood”?
Alexander: Alan succeds in creating a kind of soap-opera – with cliffhangers and the different relationships and characters. But it’s a soap written by a genius. The relationships and characters are authentical and people develop a huge interest in it. The series approaches an intelligent audience and is also funny. “True Blood” is good entertainment, but it’s more than only a hour of fun and then you turn off and don’t think about it, anymore. There a social aspects on different levels, it entertains, but “True Blood” also shows a lot about ourselves, the people within society.

There are many Vampire-productions at the moment, what’s so faszinating about that genre?
Alexander: Immortality! Many people feel attracted by vampires, because they sympolize wisdom, experience and self-confidence. At the same time they are dangerous, they can kill you anytime. So it’s the mix between attractivity and danger that is appealing.

“True Blood” was first released, when “Twilight” boomed. Were you afraid, to just jump on that train?
Alexander: No, when we started to work on “True Blood” “Twilight” wasn’t even released. I heard about it only later. I was sure that by working on “True Blood” we created something really special. It was very clear to me that Alan Ball would never copy anything.

More questions for Alexander Skarsgard will be released tomorrow, on part 2 of the He answered a few of the fan-questions submitted to us via e-mail, facebook or comments. Don’t miss it!


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