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SyFy Interview with Alex (part 2)

Written by Jess on October 05 2010

Thanks again Lotti from for the translation.

Yesterday we posted part 1 from our interview with Alexander Skarsgard from “True Blood”. He was here in Munich last Friday. In part 2 of the interview you learn how to prepare for the role of Eric Northman, the 1000 years old vampire, and if Alex can see blood in real life.

What would you like to write into your characters script??
Alexander: It’s a lot of fun to shoot the flashbacks for “True Blood”. There’s so much to tell about a 1000 year old character. You can move him for example to France during the French Revolution to Louis XIV, to Germany in the era of National Socialism, or to China 800 years ago. There are so many different ways to shoot Flashbacks, it’s fun and it also serves the development of the role.

Except for Alan Ball, are there other writers, directors and actors you would like to work with?
Alexander: I already worked with one of them, Lars von Trier [for the film “Melancholia”]. This was a dream come true. It’s nice to play a different role than in “True Blood”. Michael Haneke [“The White Ribbon”] would be great to work with – there are so many great directors.

How do you prepare for the role of a 1000 year old vampire? Are there any personal experiences or feelings you can put into your performance?
Alexander: You have to respond to all aspects of this character and bring in personal experiences, otherwise you can’t play the role. Before shooting I read the first five books of “True Blood” to get to know the character and the world he lives in better. In addition I have watched the classic vampire film “Nosferatu” with Max Schreck and also the remake with Klaus Kinski. These figures differ, of course, to Eric, but it was helpful to learn more about the history of vampire movies. The rest is left to imagination, You just sit there and you have one million ideas. Then you reject 95 percent of them because they are poor and in the end only a few ideas are left. There’s everything in it from the series I’ve seen to nature documentaries.

Do you have the opportunity to contribute creative ideas during the shooting?
Alexander: Absolutely! A director who does not allow his actors to bring in their own ideas can’t get the best out of them. If a director dictates the direction, he kills creativity. As a director you want the actors to be part of the creative process and have them contributing their own ideas. You also have to give them some freedom to make mistakes.

Can you actually see blood in real life without fainting?
Alexander: Yes, I am not that sensitive. My brother is a medicine student, I couldn’t do that, for example. But I don’t faint when I see a drop of blood.

What kind of fake blood do you use on “True Blood”?
Alexander: Well it’S a kind of corn syrup, very sweet and sticky. Once it dries it’s almost like glue.

Did you use the same fake blood for the shooting for the Rolling Stone magazine?
Alexander: No, that was something else. Not as thick and sticky. When you’re covered with the fake blood from “True Blood” you have to go into the shower with your clothes on to get them off. It’s like growing legs – it hurts.

In tomorrows last part of the interview at you learn how it felt to “uncover” for the Rolling Stone Magazine – shoot and why Alexander is happy to not have worked as an actor for several years after his success as a child actor.


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