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SyFy Interview with Alexander (last part)

Written by Jess on October 06 2010

In the first and second part of our interview last Friday in Munich, Alexander Skarsgård from “True Blood” told us quite a bit about his work as an actor. In the last part Alexander reveals how the photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine went and why he misses his home country, Sweden.

For many it is a dream to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. You made it there. How went the shooting, was it fun?
Alexander: Yes, I have given many interviews, but when I got that call from the Rolling Stone magazine I thought: Wow, that I will tell to my grandchildren one day. It was really something special. We did 6 hours of shooting first and at the end of the day the photographer asked if we would like to do something crazy, something special.

Did you hesitate when the photographer said, “Take your clothes off”?
Alexander: When he explained his idea to us we had already worked six hours. The shooting was his 100th Cover for the Rolling Stone magazine, he is also a very experienced photographer and it sounded like a funny idea.

So no hidden clothes or editing in Photoshop?
Alexander: No, we were actually naked.

In Sweden you were voted Sexiest Men five times. Do you know any other actor who made it that far?
Alexander: I don’t know if I hold the record. I’m not very interested in that matter.

How much fan mail do you get per week?
Alexander: I don’t know. My manager sorts out many letters and gives me only the harmless letters. And he keeps all the other things for himself. Most of it is very nice, I get many letters and photos.

Is there any “Please marry me” in it?
Alexander: Yes, that happens every now and then. I’m a little more romantic though, and I wouldn’t comment on such an offer.

Your father is also an actor. Were there moments when you wanted to do something different than your father?
Alexander: I started as a child actor in Sweden. When I was 13, I felt that all the attention was not very pleasant and that was irritating. It’s a difficult age and at that time I didn’t want to face the camera anymore. Then I spent seven years without acting.
My father always encouraged me. He said that acting is a great but also a very hard profession. Most of the actors can’t make a living from it. And even if they did, tehy have to work incredibly hard, travel a lot and hardly see your family – it’s great but hard. You have to be there with all of your heart, otherwise it’s not worth it.
I am glad my father gave me that advice. There are many parents who try to push their children in a particular direction. In Hollywood there are a lot of child actors who are already at the end when they’re grown up. Because they didn’t have a choice.

My father told me to try something different if acting wasn’t the only thing I’d like to do. And for seven years I did something different. At 21 I started again, because I missed to be in front of a camera. I wouldn’t sit here if I hadn’t stopped acting as a child. It would have been going on for several years, but today I’d be a wreck – I’m sure of that.

Where do you live now?
Alexander: Sweden is still my home. But we’re shooting “True Blood” in the U.S. for seven months a year and the next five months I’m on the road for filming. For example in Hawaii or Louisiana. The series we shoot in Los Angeles, so for seven months I almost live a normal life.

Do you miss Sweden and Europe?
Alexander: Yes, I am from Södermalm, an island in the middle of Stockholm. It’s very urban there, there is much life on the streets, many cafes and bars and you meet people you know all the time. My friends all live close to each other so you constantly meet people you know. That doesn’t happen in Los Angeles since you have to be in your car all the time.

But I do not complain. California is fantastic, it’s a great place to live. The ocean and the mountains are great. But I’m also looking forward each time to go back to Europe. And whenever I have the chance, I take it. It’s just always great to meet family and friends.

Thank you, Alexander, for this interview!

Source: / Translated by Lotti

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