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Alexander Skarsgård in Polish Instyle

Written by Jess on November 26 2010

Alexander is featured in the December issue of Instyle Poland. Credit goes to True Blood News.

The Ingredients Of Style

Once we found out that he is coming to Poland for three days, turmoil in our editorial office started immediately. Everyone, including the graphic designers, wanted to conduct the interview with a vampire, totally sexy Eric from HBO’s “True Blood.” After meeting him face to face in the Warsaw hotel Bristol apartment, we can assure you that the 34-year-old Alexander Skarsgard advertises Sweden far better than IKEA, Volvo and H&M together.

After meeting you for the first time, Allan Ball, the director of “True Blood” remembered only that you are “gigantic and beautifu.l” Have people been saying such things about you for a long time?
I cannot wait for him to tell it to me face to face. I had no idea I made such an impression on him. I will thank him for that when I see him because it is very nice he says such things about me. I have never heard anything like that before.

Eric’s great trump is his demonic beauty – sad eyes, pale complexion. I see you are having a rather suntanned skin now, have you been on vacation or are you just no longer in the role mode?
Just after finishing the third season of “True Blood” I went back to Sweden, where I play in a new movie directed by my idol, Lars von Trier. From Sweden, I immediately went to Hawaii to work on the set of “Battleship,” a huge production. The suntan is a side effect of my work, I have no time for vacation.

Looking at your pictures taken during and after your work, I get the feeling you usually wear jeans, t-shirts and sports jackets. Whose idea is it, your stylists or your own?
I dress myself, I do shopping myself, no stylist has ever helped me. I have been receiving a lot of clothes as gifts from many different companies, but I still bring most of them from Sweden: Acne, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Whyred…I feel good in such clothes and I have a feeling I look good this way. Perhaps I look a little bit strangely European, Swedish in California.

Sweden is on of the most depressed countries in the world. Was moving to California a sort of shock therapy for you?
Where did you get such a strange opinion about Sweden from? I love it, I am very happy every time I come back home, because that is what I consider Stockholm to be for me. In two days from now I am going to spend a whole weekend there. I am pretty sure I will not be depressed.

What are you going to do there?
I am going to try to save my favorite football team, from bankruptcy. Hammarby Bajen is in the second league now, even though, not long ago, they were on the top. The most faithful supporters are organizing an auction to save the team. I am taking some “True Blood” DVDs, and I am going to sign some posters, etc. We’ll see what we can do.

Don’t you find Peter Sarsgaard irritating? You have the same job and similar last names…
A “k” just after an “s” makes huge difference in my opinion, but yes, a lot of people have asked me if we were related. Skarsgard is a very rare last name, my father and his two brothers came up with it, previously they were called Nielsen. I don’t think there are more Skarsgards apart from my family, so I don’t think we can be confused with anyone else.

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