Papa Stellan talks Alexander & True Blood

With your son, Alexander, on True Blood, do you watch the show?
Stellan: I’ve watched quite a few of the episodes. I’m not a big fan of that genre, so I haven’t seen them all. I saw everything of Generation Kill that he did before, which I thought was absolutely great. But, it’s well written and I understand that it’s very successful.

Is it weird to you that he’s become something of a sex symbol in America, as a result of his work on the show?
Stellan: He knocked me off the throne in Sweden, many years before that.

They’ve had some great guest starring arcs on True Blood. Would you ever consider doing a guest appearance on the show?
Stellan: I don’t know how fit I am to do television. I did three episodes of Entourage a year ago and it was great fun, but I’m not sure I’m the man to work that fast. I’m not a race car driver. I’m more of a watch maker.


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