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Audi Kick Off Celebration of Golden Globe Week 2011

Written by Jess on January 10 2011

Public Appearances > 2011 > Audi And J. Mendel celebrate The 2011 Golden Globe Awards, January 9th

Actor Alexander Skarsgard attends Audi and Designer J. Mendel’s Kick Off Celebration of Golden Globe Week 2011 at Cecconi’s Restaurant on January 9, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

6 Comments to "Audi Kick Off Celebration of Golden Globe Week 2011"

  1. officialMrsSkarsgard says:

    He's wearing the same sweater for the jan 6 pictures. lol he really is just a regular guy. and yes I don't like the beard either.

  2. EricFan says:

    Oh well… Alex you could at least wore something different – the same sweater PLEASEE!!!! the beard is awful and his hairstyle too. Askars c'mon you can do better

  3. TaTum78 says:

    Sorry 2 say but he looks f*ckin tired. What has happened to his nose? potato lmfao

    • officialMrsSkarsgard says:

      He does look tired, maybe he's working too hard and I'm pretty sure his nose is always like that I think they photoshop it sometimes. Honestly I like him regular "Flaws and All".

  4. Mrs Northman says:

    The beard is disgusting but the rest looks pretty good. Glad to see him back at events, no Bosworth around him.

  5. Zigette says:

    I like the beard, the sweater, the whole package. And I would love to have the sweater after he's done wearing it.