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The Fangover: Marnie Signs Off; Eric’s Unconventional Slurpee; Pam the Vampire One-Liner Queen

Written by Jess on September 07 2011

“No one lives forever.” Fitting last words for Marnie Stonebrook, the timid Wiccan who went from reanimating her pet conure to unleashing the centuries-old wrath of a powerful witch on an unsuspecting vampire (and civilian) population. In the Inside the Episode video, writer Mark Hudis explains how the last line was arrived at. “Fiona Shaw wanted Marnie to have a memorable death,” he says. “And Alan Ball felt that she should be defiant until the end.” She may have been defiant, but was this really the end for Marnie?

Marnie’s death came just moments after Eric Northman decided to indulge an unusual snack, and viewers ate it up as well:

@itsmajo17: Omg only Eric Northman rips the heart off someone then drinks directly from it and only makes me love him more 🙂 #trueblood #souloffire
@mythicscribes: Eric gets best vampire kill of the series…along with most innovated soft drink! #TrueBlood #souloffire
@Eric_ofArea5: What – you have never used a main artery as a straw? #TrueBlood #souloffire
@xicacha: Of all the shit I’ve seen on this show, Eric sucking that heart like a goddamn slurpee made me look away.
While Rolling Stone continues to provide weekly supernatural power rankings (this week, vampires up, werewolves down) New York Magazine’s Vulture blog names Pam the winner of the week “for her observation that the ‘entire fate of the vampire species is at risk for the sake of a gash in a sundress’ sums up the entire series in one fell swoop.” Wetpaint ranks their favorite lines from season four, and you can be sure that Pam figures prominently. Did your favorite make the cut?

We got tons of responses to last week’s Fangover’s Vampire Death Squad Name Game. Here are some of your answers:

Sookie Stackhosue (and others): The V-Team
Kristin Walter (and others): The Fang Gang
Nancy Rohde: The Dark Ops
Arlene Fowler: Fang Troopers
Guylaine Régimbald (and others): The Blood Squad
Victor Williams: V-Unit
Nickie Nik Nak Franklin (and others): The Fangtastic Four
Kyle Gill: Vamp Team 6
Elka Selzer Fizz: Blood Fellas
Sophia Hughes: The Nightwalkers
Jon Hancock: Tip of the Fang
Chad M. Moss (and others): Reservoir Vamps
Charla Ann Carman Cox: The Good, The Bad & The Thirsty
Stacy M Roggelin: Nosferatu Hexe-Jeger
Tom Green: Team Suck It
MissKittysPlayhouse: Take Your Daughter to Work Battalion
Angela Edmondson: Bazooka Bill and the Blood Letters
Katrina Hanway: Bloodlust Brigade


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