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‘True Blood’ 4×11, Soul of Fire: Review

Written by Jess on September 06 2011

For good this time? Crazy witch bitches and pissed-off vampires (and let’s not forget the sluttish fairies). What doesn’t True Blood have these days? It was all about the action in this episode, but that doesn’t take away from all of the drama between certain characters. Even the dark comedy was still ever present in this installment. However, that doesn’t excuse some of the lackluster story advancements, nor does it excuse an episode running short. It ended ten minutes too early…not cool. The theme that is intertwined in this episode is “The ties that bind”. Or maybe “The ties that no longer bind”.

I am glad to see that Sookie is finally harnessing her powers in the best ways possible. Now only if she could make coherent and smart decisions. And it’s rather ridiculous how surprised Bill was that Sookie did not listen to him. You’d think he’d learned that lesson a while ago. While the vampires are all upset over “F***ing Sookie”, we are graced with some Sam-Alcide tag team action as well as some Andy in the woods action. Literally.

Sookie’s fairy ancestry is a horny group. And very snaky as well. In the beginning of the season, the fairy queen, Mab did say that the fairies have plans on harvesting humans. So I’m guessing this “fairy sex thing” is no coincidence. It seems that they are now coming straight to the source. Could you imagine, a bunch of little fairy Andy’s running around? Was Andy a virgin or had he not engaged in coitus in a while? Either way, I have a feeling that we will be instated with more fairy magic next season, maybe even next episode. I am very worry of how that will play out, though. I’ve never been a huge fan of the fairy-business from the start, but this made more since to me, although I didn’t expect it.

Sam is angry. Alcide is angry. Luna is angry. Two angry shifters and a pissed-off werewolf who is finally starting to loose his cool. It’s an all out fight party. I’m not surprised that Sam was able to hold his own against petit Marcus, and his death just simply opens up a multitude of doors (and windows) for Alcide to take over as packmaster. Debbie is not very smart when it comes to dealing with her feelings, but when it involves vampire blood, as well as a shifty werewolf who has the gal to kidnap his own daughter, you can already guess the trouble that ensues. Alcide kills Marcus and abjures Debbie, in the most werewolf way possible. I still smell consequences in the air…This is True Blood, there are always consequences.

Marnie is afraid of becoming weak. It’s too late for that. When one has to beg another to spirit to stay within them, you have already failed to become solely strong and hold any real significance. Still, as I said, I do sympathize with Marnie on the grounds that she finally feels like she has an upper-hand on those who wronged her, and finally has some sort of significance to live for besides being a freak. You all did see how she reacted with Sookie said the word “freak”. From that point it was obvious she had fallen into deadly fortunes. That much desperation and personal distortion consumed by holding onto what power she has is a one way ticket to death. As sad as I am to say it, Marnie had to be killed. It is tragic though, as she at first only wanted significance, but was consumed by the power she was entrusted to, which was ultimately her downfall. And now, Marnie is using Lafayette as her puppet…damn. Let Antonia rest in peace now.

Jesus saved everyone, as he should. Sookie did what she could, and so did the vampires. Pam managed to piss off Eric enough for him to pretty much disown her. Another tragic storyline of broken bonds. She moved against his will and fought his power to control her will, you just know that this is not the end of their now battered relationship. I can see this becoming a major storyline next season. Now that Eric’s emotions for Sookie has be elevated, everyone else is left in a rut. Pam is left betrayed, and what is so tragic about it is that Sookie is still saying no to both of her pale-skinned men. Anyone else laugh when Eric killed Roy? A human-heart juice box? I can dig it. Still, there is some strange part of me wishing Pam was the one to take out Marnie…oh, well.

Jessica and Jason have got to be one of the show’s best developed relationships since Hoyt and Jessica. When Jason is hurt (pretty badly), Jessica is to his aid again. Great, more vampire blood, more passion which means more forbidden vampire sex. These two have grown on me, but I can’t really see how Hoyt will take it when he finds out. I can see him flipping out and on the other hand I can imagine him trying to be content with it. I don’t think it will be the latter of the two. And the guilt will just keep building and building until someone is left on the floor crying.

This episode also pushed the boundaries of Lafayette and Jesus’s relationship. Jesus takes his lover deep down into the depths of some very powerful and dangerous dark magic in order to save everyone. Then someone had to go and say the word, “safe”. There is no such thing as “safe” in Bon Temps. To state that is just asking for trouble. I have the worst feeling about the season finale. Alan Ball already informed us it will be pretty shocking and take everyone by surprise. I hope so. Because, even though I very much loved this episode, there were definitely a few things that bothered me, concerning the stupidity of certain characters and situations: Why would Marnie let Jesus, who only last week impressed her with his demonic skill set, alone with that dead body? Why would Sookie and the other witches agree to join hands with Marnie on another spell? And were Eric and Bill really gonna kill themselves just to save Sookie? Boo! I hate when True Blood does things like this. It doesn’t feel fresh or interesting just to have a few seconds of peril and go back to safety. And can I say that I have particularly grown tired of vampire blood saving everyone. Part of me wanted Jason’s life to really be in a substantial amount of danger. Still, there is a lot of talk about multiple deaths next episode. Can Alan Ball and his team step it up and give us something to really scream and the TV about? I hope so. 4 out of 5 stars!

Sadly, the season will be at an end after next week. I don’t even want to talk about it. Don’t miss out next Sunday for the apparently shocking season finale!


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