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‘True Blood’: Original Eric is the best Eric

Written by Jess on September 06 2011

[Editor’s Note: Yes, we’re a little late with this one, but it’s because we wanted to savor it. By the way: This post contains spoilers for the September 4 episode of HBO’s “True Blood.”]

Season 4’s penultimate episode was a real barn burner. There were some great moments, as well as a setup for the finale that had me clutching my pearls. “True Blood,” I’m really going to miss you when you go.

At Moon Goddess, Sookie told Marnie that the vampires were prepared to attack and a freak out commenced. When one young witch tried to escape, Marnie killed her. Antonia had an “Aha!” moment and once again vacated Marnie.

She confronted Marnie over what she’d done, and only Lafayette could see both sides of their conversation. Marnie cast a binding spell to force Antonia to stay with her – double your power, double your trouble, you know? Although Antonia fought the spell, Marnie ultimately won.

But Jesus had a plan! He pretended the dead witch was still alive and told Marnie he could try and save her. While Holly and Sookie tried to talk Marnie off a ledge, Jesus went about gathering ingredients for a powerful spell that would draw Antonia out.

Outside, Jason stopped the vampires from blowing up the building after recounting everything Sookie had done for them. Bill and Eric agreed to come up with a backup plan that Pam strongly disagreed with. The lady has a way with words, no?

Marnie later decided she wanted to negotiate. She agreed to let Sookie go, but only if Bill and Eric committed suicide. And it really looked like it was going to happen – Sookie even broke out the ugly cry for the occasion.

Her sadness was short-lived when Pam took matters into her own hands and fired a rocket at the building. Her efforts backfired – literally – when Marnie’s wall of protection repelled the explosion, leaving Jason badly burned. Jessica healed him and they made up, so there’s your moment of squee for the episode.

Elsewhere, Sam continued on his quest to find Marcus and avenge Tommy’s death. He and Alcide had no luck at the bike shop until Luna showed up in a rage saying that Marcus had abducted Emma.

Emma later called her mom from Alcide’s house, where Marcus stopped by to persuade Debbie to run away with him. Despite his promise of children, she declined his offer and said that she couldn’t leave Alcide. Can you blame her?

The boys showed up and Sam and Marcus fought. Sam took the high road and spared Marcus’ life. Marcus then attempted to shoot Sam but he was stopped when Alcide tackled him and crushed his windpipe. Hot. He also broke up with Debbie, who immediately went into meltdown mode.

And then there’s the sad tale of Andy Bellefleur. Remember poor, criminally underused Andy Bellefleur? He’s kind of flown under the radar this season because up until Sunday, it seemed that he’d been stuck with the short straw when it came to storylines.

Briefly: Andy had been nursing a season-long V addiction until last week’s episode, when Arlene and Terry discovered his habit. Terry drove Andy out to the middle of nowhere to give him a stern talking-to and then left him there to think about what he’d done.

You’re now caught up. Lame, right? Well steel yourselves, because it gets worse.

So on Sunday, as Andy made his way through the woods, a light appeared that could only mean one thing: fairies. So much ugh, you guys.

Anyhow, out of the light appeared a fairy named Mirella and she made Andy vow to protect her by taking part in some dumb ceremony that would have even E.T. facepalming. Then they had sex. Good for Andy, I guess.

So, what, the fairies are now on a crusade to bring Sookie back to their world and Andy’s going to help them do it? Whatevs. Andy arrived home after the encounter and overshared with Arlene, who thought he was crazy.

Back at Moon Goddess, Marnie looked into a pool of the dead witch’s blood and asked to see the future. When she saw herself with a bullet between the eyes, she ordered everyone to participate in a spell that, unbeknownst to them, lured the vamps toward her wall of protection, which just so happened to be made of sunlight.

Jason beamed his thoughts to Sookie, who then fairy-blasted the circle and broke the spell cast against the vampires. Marnie then punished her with a spell from Johnny Cash’s Big Book of Witchcraft and encircled her in a ring of fire.

Meanwhile, Jesus’ spell worked and he freed not only Sookie and Antonia, but he broke Marnie’s protection spell as well, giving the vampires access to Moon Goddess.

When Bill and Eric entered to kill Marnie, Roy – the most loyal little witch there ever was – told them if they wanted to get to Marnie they’d have to go through him. Eric took him up on his offer and ripped his heart out. The cherry on the cake of my life was when he drank from one of the valves like it was a straw. Let there be no question, Original Eric is the best Eric.

Bill made quick work of killing Marnie, but with one episode remaining there’s still plenty of fun to be had as her soul resurfaced at Lafayette’s later that night and possessed him.

I’m totally amped for the finale, especially after last season’s lackluster end. What did you think of Sunday’s episode? Care to make any predictions for this season’s cliffhanger? Place your bets in the comments!


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