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First Look of Alexander in ‘Disconnect’

Written by Jess on August 15 2012

An Italian newspaper has released some news regarding Alex’s new film Disconnect along with the first promotional still featuring Alex and Paula Patton. Huge thanks to Linda for the translation via SkarsgardNews.

In “Disconnect” , Henry-Alex Rubin depicts a couple receiving treatment for infertility and becomes a victim of online theft. He is an ex-Marine, played by Alexander Skarsgard new sex symbol.

Disconnect by Henry-Alex Rubin displays a mosaic of human suffering , “exploring the consequences of being used to living everywhere, yet staying in the same place”. A couple, who’s relationship is threatened as they face fertility problems, is passionately reunited when the partners have to search for the money that has been stolen from them online, because of identity theft. He is a former marine, played by the new sex symbol Alexander Skarsgard, son of the famous actor Stellan: “In the movie, I’m married to Paula Patton- Alex says- we are both fond of online chatting, our marriage doesn’t work anymore. Then someone steals our identities and, since we think we know who the thief is, we decide to go and search for him together. The journey we start to find the online thief, played by Michael Nyqvist, who’s my friend and lives in Stockholm, two blocks away from me, triggers something between us and we eventually get back together”. For Skarsgard, this has been an exciting experience: “The movie contains many intertwined stories, just like Short Cuts by Robert Altman, I was really into it and I worked well with the director. The whole movie is about the way people relate to the digital era in which we live”. There’s a widowed former policeman who has to deal with his son, who is cyber-bullying a class mate. There are two parents trying to look after their shy and introvert son, who’s a talented musician and has tried to commit suicide many times before. There’s a journalist that wants a teenager, recruited on an adult-only website, to be the subject of a story that will put in danger the boy’s life and the journalist’s career.

Original source: La Stampa

And below, you can check the first still. Enjoy it:


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