UK True Blood Date for Season 7 confirmed

Great news to all of the UK Fans! 


The final season of True Blood will be arriving on UK TV screens two weeks behind the American transmission, it’s been confirmed. That’s as good as it’s ever been for True Blood too, as the British screening of the show has generally been much further behind.

Fox, however, has confirmed that the premiere of season 7 in the UK will take place at 9pm on Monday July 7th. In the US, the show kicks off on HBO, on Sunday June 22nd. It’s still a gap, but at least it’s a much smaller one.

The final season of the show will run for ten episodes.



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  1. I am Devestated that this is the last season!!!! I am disabled, home bound & look forward all year for the new season!! I love the character of Eric, Sookie & All the Actors!! I look for any movies their in to watch! I have some True Blood memorabilia. Now I’ll never get to meet them at a Comic Con! It sucks cuz there’s Never Anything on tv as it is!! The final cover should have the face w/blood tears! I hope they have a box set cuz mine are worn out! Tears for gonna miss y’all!!!!

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