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“The Legend of Tarzan” Premiere

Written by Jess on June 30 2016

I’ve added more photos from The Legend of Tarzan premiere to the gallery. Many thanks to AliKat for the 400+ additions!

2 Comments to "“The Legend of Tarzan” Premiere"

  1. Yuliya Bruk says:

    I love you very much , good actor . Come to Moscow.

  2. Natalia Barcelona says:

    for Mrs Skarsgard
    Hej hej

    hur mör dü?

    Jag are spansk, sorry But i have To go for my svenska there To get better practice. I Been catch by the person under the fame with Mr Skarsgard… My frase It Is ” i don’t feet anywhere” since i’m 4 years old… Hahaha… I m from Spain, where english Is NOT a second lenguage. i been learning english with true blood, so I have To be thankful, from the begin. I own a Rare conective issue, called Elher Danloss, t3, hypermobility i do look like a pretty young Woman, an by elastic like a contorsionist, so makes it worse To explain many times, i didn’t knew then, i just thought no matter how, i shout To learn, it Was important… Glad to did, and i’m in a few assotiations co working for free, helping add least with the translations from english To Spanish, been helpful where it Is important, so many family are fithing with it, and is not a helpful situation for us. I never gived up. I still saying Thanks each day.
    I send that picture in words, wishing that also can give new Visión To work , To Mr Skarsgard.
    I do lost the half of my heart in Stocolm. i always said “i don’t feet any where”, no more than few people understand ever what i mean, i do i’m spanish, from long feel viking. Not feet in my own country snd culture, or even society… When some one say ” you don’t look sick” or you look pretty, i feel i wil ask always “But the Best Is i’m smart”

    I wish a big smile after To read it.