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Empire has the first look of ‘Mute’

Written by Jess on December 28 2017

Empire Magazine has in its February issue the first look of Alex in Mute, a film by Duncan Jones starring Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux and more. Alex plays Leo Bailer, a mute bartender that goes up against his city’s gangsters in an effort to find out what happened to his missing partner.

Check the full scan in our gallery, and the transcripted interview below:

Five fast facts about new Berlin-set sci-fi Mute from star Alexander Skarsgård

1. Skarsgård’s character has been mute since childhood
“Leo [Beiler] was in a boating accident, and his vocal cords were severed when he was nine. He could have had an operation to save his voice, but his Amish mom basically said, ‘God will heal Leo.’ For his entire adolescence, he was waiting for God to heal him. He didn’t learn sign language because, well, why would he? He was like, ‘God will heal me any day now.’ He has a sense of abandonment, trying to find his place in the world.”

2. Leo is a fish-out-of-water
“Leo left the Amish community when he was in his early 20s bringing only one suitcase and one suit with him [to Berlin]. He doesn’t have any
contact with his mom anymore. She kind of disowned him. But, in an odd way, he’s still holding on to the Amish culture he grew up in. He’s in Berlin, thirty
years from now, living between a nightclub and a brothel.”

3. Germany is no longer in the EU
“The euro is gone, and they’re back to the Deutschmark. They have celebrities on their money, like Claudia Schiffer and David Hasselhoff. Duncan [Jones, director] has taken the whole notion of celebrity culture and mixed it in with the idea of a society run by corporations. Which, in effect, we have now in the United States.”

4. The future will be run by big business
“In the movie’s future, we have militarised corporations that you have to subscribe to. They provide everything, from food to housing and everything in between. For example, one is called Volkea – a hybrid of Volvo and IKEA. They have militarised units out on the streets – sales reps for their corporation, scanning people to see if they’re subscribers or not. They’re way more powerful than the government. It’s not that far-fetched, unfortunately. I mean, it’s incredibly scary, but I really think we’re headed towards a plutocracy.”

5. It’s a detective story – without a detective
“Leo’s not a professional detective. He’s just trying to find his girlfriend, Naadirah [played by Seyneb Saleh]. The last time he saw her, she was very emotional, talking about leaving Berlin. He thought she was breaking up with him – but the next morning she was gone. Did she just take off? Did she dump him – or did something happen to her?”

Mute is on Netflix in 2018.

Alex on IO Donna and Total Film Magazines

Written by Jess on July 22 2013

I have added scans of Total Film UK (thanks Holly) and IO Donna magazines, both featuring Alex on it:

Alex for Backstage Magazine

Written by Jess on July 01 2013

Alex was cover of Backstage June 20 issue, and you can read the interview below:

“True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgård graces our cover this week, and he chats about his work on the popular series as well as his upcoming film, “The East.” Check out a sneak peek from the feature below!

Acting is a family affair for Alexander Skarsgård; his father is acclaimed actor Stellan Skarsgård (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) and his brothers Bill (“Hemlock Grove”) and Gustaf (“Vikings”) are booking gigs in America as well. Skarsgård says that when he began his career, he felt the need to prove himself as his own actor. “Of course I asked [my father] for advice, but it was important that I read the play, the script, and I made the decision,” he says. “I didn’t go to him and ask, ‘Should I do this?’ It was important that if I made mistakes, they were mine and I owned them and learned from them.”

One person he is not related to is “An Education” and “Green Lantern” star Peter Sarsgaard, though people frequently assume they are family. “It still happens all the time,” Skarsgård says with a laugh. “I actually find it very flattering; I think he’s a fantastic actor. Sometimes I’ll even claim him as my brother. I’ll joke, ‘Yeah, my brother Peter was great in that.’ ”

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Alex for M Magazine

Written by Jess on July 01 2013

Alex is cover of M Magazine Spring issue, with a new photoshoot held at Fortune’s Gym, in LA – the same gorgeous photos used on our new temporary layout. Check it:

Alexander Skarsgård, born in ’76, is the oldest of eight children. Two of his brothers are working actors, with Bill appearing in the Netflix series Hemlock Grove and Gustaf playing the role of Floki in the History Channel’s Vikings. Skarsgård’s mother, My Skarsgård, is a physician in Stockholm who specializes in working with addicts. His father, Stellan Skarsgård, is a veteran of the Stockholm stage and such Scandinavian films as Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves.

In recent years, Stellan has made a place for himself in Hollywood as a key cast member in two separate blockbuster series, The Avengers and Pirates of the Caribbean. At the same time, after 35 years of marriage, he and his wife split up. Stellan now has two sons with his second wife, Megan Everett Skarsgård.

Stellan and Alexander faced off against each other, to good effect, in von Trier’s apocalyptic nightmare, Melancholia, a 2011 film that includes a line that pushes the bleakness of Scandinavian drama to its limit: “All I know is, life on earth is evil.”

In the movie, the Skarsgård père plays a gamey rogue, while Alexander, smiling sweetly, is a submissive groom who understands little about his bride-to-be, a spirited depressive played by Kirsten Dunst.

As actors in that one, both Skarsgårds did what they usually do to win over audiences: Stellan went out and grabbed them, Jack Nicholson–style, with his sharp tongue and glinting eyes, while Alexander drew them in by keeping himself quiet in his body and gentle in his speech. The father conquers. The son seduces.

Henry-Alex Rubin, the director of Disconnect, compares Alexander to a long-ago Swedish actor-director who got his start in the silent era: “He’s less like his father,” Rubin says, “and more like  Victor Sjöström in Wild Strawberries—a great Swedish actor who did a lot with very little. As opposed to a lot of Americans, who come from the Stella Adler school, Alex comes from the Swedish school of doing a lot with very little. There are a lot of shots [in Disconnect] where he does absolutely nothing on screen. Just a tiny shift in the eyes. And that’s his choice.

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Alex for Man of the World Magazine

Written by Jess on April 02 2013

Most Wanted: Alexander Skarsgård

It was late one night on Bourbon Street in New Orleans’s famed French Quarter and, as tends to happen there, things were getting out of control. HBO was on location filming an episode of True Blood, its hit series about a coven of Louisiana vampires. The director was trying to film a group of gorgeous blood-suckers as they cut a swath through the crowd, but far from being intimidated the revelers kept running out of dark and the crowd was getting rowdier. Would they get the shot?

Alexander Skarsgård, the imposing 6’4″ actor who portrays Eric Northman on the show addressed the crowd – told them how excited he was to have them be a part of the show, but that it would help if they could pretend to be a little scared.
“So, did it work?” I ask Skarsgård. He pauses before answering “The problem, of course, is that five minutes later it’s a whole new crowd of people.”

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