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Alex talks with W Magazine

Written by Jess on July 12 2017

Alexander Skarsgård Found Those Naked Big Little Lies Scenes To Be “Quite Liberating”
If you’ve watched HBO anytime in the last decade, you’ve invariably been charmed or terrified by Alexander Skarsgård. In fact, the Swedish actor has all but made a career on it, thanks to his breakout role as the irresistible vampire Eric Northman on True Blood and, most recently, starring as Perry Wright, Nicole Kidman’s abusive husband on this year’s breakaway hit miniseries In between, the Stockholm native has starred in a critically acclaimed indie film (2015’s s. In between, the Stockholm native has starred in a critically acclaimed indie film (2015’s The Diary of a Teenage Girl), made a cameo as Adam—to Karlie Kloss’s Eve, no less—in Zoolander 2, and played the titular role in last summer’s The Legend of Tarzan. It’s all certainly a far cry from someone who didn’t want to be in Hollywood in the first place, following a brief, uncomfortable stint as a child actor. “I guess I ended up going back to acting because I was shit at everything else. I tried desperately to figure out what I wanted to do, and I was quite mediocre at most things, so I was like, “Well, maybe this whole acting thing…” It certainly has seemed to have worked out.

Where did you spend most of your childhood?
I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. My father’s an actor, so we traveled quite a bit when I was a kid. I spent a summer in Texas when I was eight, in Fredericksburg, which is like real Texas. It’s like cowboys and stuff. That was my first time in the States, and I was eight years old. It was also the first time I tasted Dr. Pepper, which blew my mind. And just to be around like horses and cowboys and a desert—we don’t have much of a desert in Sweden, so I thought it was so coo. I got my first real cowboy boots out there, and then I got back to Sweden a couple months later, I proudly wore those boots to school the first day of school. I thought all the girls would love me and like everyone would just faint when they saw those crocodile boots, and instead, everyone mocked me. In Stockholm, people didn’t really quite appreciate cowboy boots. They thought I was wearing women’s shoes, so it didn’t quite go down as I had hoped. It was traumatic. Actually, I haven’t worn cowboy boots since.
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MR PORTER Interview

Written by Jess on July 01 2016

Mr Alexander Skarsgård: Hollywood’s New Hero

The 6ft 4in Swede on taking on Tarzan, football and how he got an eight-pack

Mr Alexander Skarsgård stands on the rooftop of a Manhattan skyscraper, looks out onto the urban jungle below and thumps his chest. For a moment, it looks like the man who plays Tarzan might be about to let out the mythical character’s signature call of the wild. Turns out he’s just trying to clear a chesty cough. “Sorry, bad cold,” he croaks. The day before this interview, Mr Skarsgård had flown to LA and back within 24 hours – hence picking up the man-flu.

From up here, the 6ft 4in, 39-year-old Swede can just about see where he lives in Manhattan. After today’s shoot, he is due to accompany his girlfriend Ms Alexa Chung, the British model and It girl, to the CFDA Awards, a gala night on New York’s fashion calendar. In the morning, he’s off to Tokyo for a Tarzan premiere and then, if he can swing it, he’ll fly to France to see Sweden’s football team play in the European Championships.

Such is the life of a leading man. In The Legend of Tarzan, Mr Skarsgård heads up an all-star cast, with Ms Margot Robbie as an anything-but-plain Jane, Mr Samuel L Jackson as Tarzan’s unlikely sidekick and Mr Christoph Waltz doing a wonderful turn as the villain of the piece. The story begins with Mr Skarsgård playing John Clayton, Third Viscount Greystoke, living a humdrum aristocratic life in England with his wife Jane. Things take a decidedly less-genteel turn when they’re called back to the jungles of Africa, where he was raised by gorillas as a feral child called Tarzan.
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Video: Interview at the Film Festival Gent

Written by Jess on October 22 2015

Sundance: Alexander Skarsgard and Bel Powley Talk The Diary of A Teenage Girl

Written by Jess on February 02 2015 – If you’ve been missing Alexander Skarsgård’s naked torso since the finale of True Blood, never fear. There’s plenty of Skarsgård to be seen in The Diary of A Teenage Girl, one of the highlights of this very sexy Sundance. Diary is the directorial debut of actress Marielle Heller, who wrote the screenplay adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel herself. The film tells the story of precocious 15-year old artist Minnie (newcomer Bel Powley), who lives with her very permissive single mother (Kristen Wiig) in 1976 San Francisco, and is in the midst of experiencing a sexual awakening in the very capable and surprisingly not lecherous hands of her mother’s boyfriend, twenty years her senior (Skarsgård, 38). “I just had sex. Holy shit!” is the first line of the movie, narrated from Minnie’s thoughts. Sony Pictures Classics picked up the distribution rights and Powley, who’s 22 and pulls off an American accent so seamlessly you’d never suspect she’s British, is enjoying the well-deserved heaps of praise and “It Girl” status Cary Mulligan enjoyed back in 2009 for the similar (but more creepy and less naked) An Education. Jada Yuan caught up with the pair as they scarfed down hamburgers to talk unorthodox auditions, on-screen chemistry, and why the ‘70s were the golden age of mustaches.

First of all, why did both of you want to sign on for this? It’s a beautiful story and beautifully told, but there are a lot of sex scenes.
Powley: I think it’s a really important story for women and for young girls and I think it needed to be told. The character of Minnie, everything she does, the way she feels, the way she acts really resonated with me. It’s what I was like as a teenage girl and I think it’s going to resonate with every woman. I was also 15 seven years ago, so I can remember.

Were you that precocious at 15?
Powley: Yeah, I was, at times. You don’t have to have an affair with your mum’s boyfriend to be able to relate with Minnie and how she acts. I think it’s just more the extremity of feelings that you have when you’re a teenager and like, the frustration and when you’re really hormonal and you flip between emotions.

Skarsgård: And she’s not always precocious. I feel like sometimes she’s like a little child. And I feel like Monroe has that quality as well. I think that’s kind of how they find each other in a way. There are moments where he’s like a 15-year-old boy and then he pulls himself out of that, like “Oh, no, now I’m a grown man.” And I think that gives life to their relationship.

When you first read the script did you have any pause? Would you say it’s an inappropriate relationship?
Powley: I think, for us, playing the characters, as Minnie and, well, I guess, as Monroe – I don’t want to speak for him – no, it’s not inappropriate. It felt appropriate. I was playing a character who’s in love with another person. It was completely fine. I think it’s up to you whether you think it’s inappropriate or not.

Skarsgård: This is a grown man in a relationship with his girlfriend’s daughter. It felt like it was a real challenge to make that last for an hour and a half and make it interesting and make it layered, so it’s not just him preying on this young girl. That was kind of what drew me to the project initially. And also the fact that I felt like I’d never seen this film before. It felt really brave and really truthful about the fact that teenage girls do actually think about sex. And you never see that in movies, ‘cause they’re always like, “Oh, I just want to get married, and I want, like, a house and beautiful kids.” This is very real and visceral.

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Amelia Rose Blaire Talks ‘True Blood,’ Alexander Skarsgard

Written by Jess on March 21 2014

Amelia Rose speaks UInterview News about True Blood and Alexander Skarsgard.

Blaire’s most memorable scene from the last season of True Blood was likely when Eric Northman (Skarsgard) turned her into a vampire. The process, according to Blaire was long and arduous, requiring multiple takes because of all the faux blood involved. The big question for the character is whether or not she’ll regret letting Eric make her into a vampire.

“I don’t know if she’s going to regret being turned,” admitted Blaire. “But I definitely think that’s she’s going to be going through some emotional journey having to deal with the repercussions of what happened last season.”

Working with Skarsgard was something of a coup for Blaire, as he was not only nice too look at, but provided some humor to their scenes together. Asked to describe the statuesque Swedish actor, Blaire called him “goofy.”

“He’s really goofy! He’s really goofy and always likes to make a lot of jokes,” she told Uinterview. “So he’s a lot of fun to work with and of course he’s very, very tall. He’s like 6’5” or something, so he’s definitely a figure to behold, but he’s really nice and really down to earth. And he drives a really nice car!”

Although Blaire’s not certain about what will become of her character in True Blood’s final season, she believes that the show itself will end in typical True Blood fashion. “The end of True Blood is going to make fans very happy and heartbroken at the same time,” the actress revealed. “Because that’s what True Blood does best.”

– Chelsea Regan


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