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Alex’s Interview in “Empik” Magazine (Poland)

Written by Jess on December 02 2010

In September, due to the TV premiere of the third season and DVD release of the second season of “True Blood,” Alexander Skarsgard, who plays one of the series’ main characters, visited Poland. He told us about his love for vampires and football and the pros and cons of being famous as well as what he usually does when he is not being a vampire.

“True Blood” is based on a series of novels written by Charlaine Harris, although it is not the books’ most faithful translation. Did you read them when you were preparing to play Eric?
Before we started filming the first season, I read the first five of Charlaine’s novels. I thought it might have helped me to sink deeper into this original world, and to know my character better. But when I got the scripts of the first episodes, I suddenly realized that they were much different than the books both in the sense of plot and construction. I came to the conclusion that it was a bad idea to read the novels and the scripts simultaneously because I soon started to get really confused. I confused the books with the scripts, but reading them definitely helped me create and play Eric.

Did you decide immediately to play the part?
At first when I heard that it was supposed to be a Viking vampire, I wasn’t sure I wanted to play him, but when I got the information that Alan Ball was the producer, and I am his hugest fan, I knew I would take this part. Especially when I took a closer look at Eric. I realized this character is more interesting than I’d thought. At first he seemed to be a typical vampire bad guy. But in the next episodes the viewers, I believe, had a chance to see that Eric is in fact a much more complicated and much more deeper character – and that is what fascinates me in him.

Vampires seem to be fashionable nowadays. Why is it so?
I think it’s mostly like that because they represent something solid in the modern world which changes so fast it is hard to keep up with it. And someone like Eric is the same all the time, no matter the era he currently lives in. Besides, vampires fit human dreams about immortality and the modern mass culture which expects us to live forever perfectly.

Eric was classified very high in the list of all time best vampires, behind Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee, who played Dracula, but he outdistanced “Twilight’s” Edward Cullen. What do you think about it?
I would never dream to compete with Lugosi, Lee, or Klaus Kinsky from Herzog’s “Nosferatu” or Max Shreck from Murnau’s film. And certainly not with Gary Oldman from Coppola’s ‘Dracula.” He’s my favorite actor, my master. But, yes, Eric seems to be better than Cullen. (laughs)

“True Blood” shows violence, sex and nudity very explicitly. Have you any problems with that?
Some people in the states seem to rebuke me for showing myself naked in the show, but it’s not a big deal for me. Besides, America seems to be having quite hypocritical approach to sex and violence. As soon as they see a naked butt, they get panicked, but they do not seem to mind super-realistic brutality in movies or TV shows, or computer games. It’s absurd.

Recently you have starred in Lars Von Trier’s newest film “Melancholia.” Did “True Blood” help you to get that role?
No, Lars had seen me before. Besides, my father, Stellan Skarsgard played in his movie “Breaking The Waves.” I never even read the script of “Melancholy.” When he proposed the role to me, I just agreed. Especially that it allowed me to work with my father. I live in Los Angeles, he and the rest of my family in Stockholm, so we don’t see each other too often. That’s why it felt so good to play with him. Recently I’ve been to Hawaii where I shot “Battleship,” a science-fiction blockbuster. Soon I’m coming back on the “True Blood” set and I will not have any time for new projects until next year.

You’re a football fan. Do you still support Hammarby IF?
Oh yeah, I’m nuts about it. I get up in the morning and check the results and information on the Swedish league on the Internet, and when Hammarby plays, I am totally nervous. It’s incurable. Just like a vampire’s bite.

Source: True Blood News

Alexander Skarsgård in Polish Instyle

Written by Jess on November 26 2010

Alexander is featured in the December issue of Instyle Poland. Credit goes to True Blood News.

The Ingredients Of Style

Once we found out that he is coming to Poland for three days, turmoil in our editorial office started immediately. Everyone, including the graphic designers, wanted to conduct the interview with a vampire, totally sexy Eric from HBO’s “True Blood.” After meeting him face to face in the Warsaw hotel Bristol apartment, we can assure you that the 34-year-old Alexander Skarsgard advertises Sweden far better than IKEA, Volvo and H&M together.

After meeting you for the first time, Allan Ball, the director of “True Blood” remembered only that you are “gigantic and beautifu.l” Have people been saying such things about you for a long time?
I cannot wait for him to tell it to me face to face. I had no idea I made such an impression on him. I will thank him for that when I see him because it is very nice he says such things about me. I have never heard anything like that before.

Eric’s great trump is his demonic beauty – sad eyes, pale complexion. I see you are having a rather suntanned skin now, have you been on vacation or are you just no longer in the role mode?
Just after finishing the third season of “True Blood” I went back to Sweden, where I play in a new movie directed by my idol, Lars von Trier. From Sweden, I immediately went to Hawaii to work on the set of “Battleship,” a huge production. The suntan is a side effect of my work, I have no time for vacation.

Looking at your pictures taken during and after your work, I get the feeling you usually wear jeans, t-shirts and sports jackets. Whose idea is it, your stylists or your own?
I dress myself, I do shopping myself, no stylist has ever helped me. I have been receiving a lot of clothes as gifts from many different companies, but I still bring most of them from Sweden: Acne, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Whyred…I feel good in such clothes and I have a feeling I look good this way. Perhaps I look a little bit strangely European, Swedish in California.

Sweden is on of the most depressed countries in the world. Was moving to California a sort of shock therapy for you?
Where did you get such a strange opinion about Sweden from? I love it, I am very happy every time I come back home, because that is what I consider Stockholm to be for me. In two days from now I am going to spend a whole weekend there. I am pretty sure I will not be depressed.

What are you going to do there?
I am going to try to save my favorite football team, from bankruptcy. Hammarby Bajen is in the second league now, even though, not long ago, they were on the top. The most faithful supporters are organizing an auction to save the team. I am taking some “True Blood” DVDs, and I am going to sign some posters, etc. We’ll see what we can do.

Don’t you find Peter Sarsgaard irritating? You have the same job and similar last names…
A “k” just after an “s” makes huge difference in my opinion, but yes, a lot of people have asked me if we were related. Skarsgard is a very rare last name, my father and his two brothers came up with it, previously they were called Nielsen. I don’t think there are more Skarsgards apart from my family, so I don’t think we can be confused with anyone else.

HBO UK Interview with Alex (part II)

Written by Jess on October 15 2010

Huge thanks to Santress for the transcript. ♥

Can you tell us anything about the fourth season yet?
Nope, and that’s not because I’m not allowed to but I honestly have no idea. They’re writing season four right now and I’m not going to see a script until maybe two weeks before we start shooting it. All I can do is basically what the fans can do. I can read the fourth book and it’s going to be loosely based on that.

It’s definitely not going to be exactly the way the book is…they do change it quite a bit.

What was the True Blood audition process like?
I met with Alan about a year before I got a phone call. I was at work on shooting Generation Kill in Africa. I was out there for seven months. Like I said I met with Alan ten months before and then he called my agent and asked if I was available. I wasn’t and I was in Maputo in Mozambique. We had two months to go on the show.

I talked to him on the phone and I was bummed. I was like “alright, this sucks”. I was a big fan of his and it sounded like a fun project but I realized that they’re starting now and I’m in the middle of Generation Kill and I can’t do it. But then the Writer’s Strike happened in L.A. so they pushed True Blood. Since we already had our scripts on Generation Kill, we were in production already. We weren’t affected by the strike so I was able to finish Generation Kill in Africa and then fly back to L.A. and start True Blood.

You also starred in HBO’s Generation Kill; What was it like filming alongside real life Marines?
Just an unforgettable experience. It was tough. We were out there in the Kalahari Desert for seven months. We shot six days a week. I think we shot for 145 days and I worked 142 out of those 145 days, so you basically lived on set. You were either on set or in your bed.

It’s a long time to be away from friends and family but that said, it was just an amazing, amazing experience. It was my first big international job. Just the quality of the writing was phenomenal and to be able to work with Ed Burns and David Simon who did The Wire…it’s a pretty good first job to get for me (laughs)…and also the importance of the story and to do this with three Reconnaissance Marines who were out there working Special Reconnaissance. One of them played himself. It was just an unforgettable experience. To this day, the most important job I’ve been part of.

You’ve worked on two huge HBO series; What do you associate with HBO?
I’ve never worked for another network or television channel. Generation Kill was my first television job and True Blood is also an HBO show obviously. It’s about creative freedom I think. They really trust the creators of their shows like David Simon and Ed Burns who did The Wire and Generation Kill and Alan Ball who did Six Feet Under and now True Blood. The amount of freedom they get…I don’t have that much experience in television but I think that’s quite rare that they kind of trust their show runners and just basically say, “We trust you. We love you. We love your work. Just create something amazing and have fun”. Then they kind of take a step back and let the show runners just go with it. They’re not micromanaging it and, of course, that’s wonderful to work in an environment like that where the show runner feels he’s got the support of the studio instead of having to fight the studio all the time.

Do you have a message for your UK fans?
Thank you, guys.

True Blood Press Tour: SyFy Interview

Written by Jess on October 11 2010

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Thanks Lotti from for sharing the link. 🙂

Alexander Skarsgård: ‘Getting naked is wild and crazy and fun’

Written by Jess on October 10 2010

Katherine Rose for The Observer

Alexander Skarsgård is describing the challenge of wearing fangs: “I had to practise hard, they’re pretty big! In the beginning, it was difficult because you have a lisp. The fangs come out when you’re angry, excited, aroused, so it’s tough, when you want to look menacing…” Suddenly, he bares his teeth at me, momentarily assuming the trademark snarl and glacial stare of Eric Northman, the 1,000-year-old Viking vampire the Swedish actor plays in HBO’s hit TV series True Blood. “Again!” I want to shout, briefly transported into the show’s hedonistic world, “do it again.”

Thankfully I don’t. While friendly, Skarsgård oozes composure and professionalism, his sharp suit and slick hair befitting the London hotel where we’ve met. He’s almost as ice cool in person as his two most famous characters to date: Sergeant Brad “Iceman” Colbert in Generation Kill, the HBO mini-series about the US invasion of Iraq, and Eric in True Blood, currently into its second series on Channel 4.

Skarsgård was keen to work on True Blood before even seeing a script. “When my agents told me about it, I said, ‘Viking vampire? What is this, Conan the Barbarian?’ But then they said Alan Ball [the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Six Feet Under and American Beauty] was the creator of the show and I’m a big fan of his work. He’s so smart.”

The resulting show, set in Louisiana, didn’t disappoint, “It’s intelligent, but structured like a soap opera.” It’s also so lusty and bloodthirsty that for September’s cover of Rolling Stone Skarsgård and his co-stars were shot naked, dripping in fake blood. Does the sex and nudity ever bother him? “Not at all,” he says, no doubt delighting his legions of fans. “I’m with friends and every time we get naked on the show, it makes sense. It’s wild and crazy and fun.”

The eldest son of Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård, Alexander, 34, was raised in Stockholm but has lived all over, including a stint in Leeds, aged 20 (“a blast”). Now a hot property in Hollywood, we’ll be seeing much more of him, with forthcoming roles in the big-budget movie Battleship and with his father in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia.

But despite the glamour and the jetsetting, Skarsgård is homesick. “I went out for a walk last night here in London. It was all wet streets, the smell, I miss that. I have a great life in LA, but we don’t have the crisp air you have in October in London or Stockholm, the colour of the trees.” It seems beneath the cool exterior and the fangs, Skarsgård’s actually just a softy at heart.


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