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Written by Jess on May 26 2012

Hello everybody!
I’ve posted all latest pictures of the last events. Check out:


  • Public Appearances > 2012 > “Battleship” – Los Angeles Premiere After Party, May 11th
  • Public Appearances > 2012 > “Battleship” – Los Angeles Premiere, May 11th
  • Public Appearances > 2012 > “Battleship” Photo Call at the Battleship Missouri Memorial, April 28th, Pearl Harbor
  • Public Appearances > 2012 > SKYY Infusions Coconut Escape at Coachella, April 21th, Canada
  • Public Appearances > 2012 > “Marvel’s The Avengers” – Los Angeles Premiere, April 11th
  • Public Appearances > 2012 > “Battleship” Japan Premiere, April 03th, Tokio
  • Public Appearances > 2012 > “Battleship” Japan Press Conference, April 02th, Yokosuka
  • Public Appearances > 2012 > 2012 WonderCon Day 2 “Battleship” Panel, March 17th, Anaheim
  • Video Inverview: Alex Chats About Melancholia & His Other Movies

    Written by Jess on November 08 2011 released a video today of Alexander Skarsgård talking about the movies he has worked on during the True Blood hiatus.

    In the video interview below, you can hear a rather relaxed Skarsgård talking about:

  • How he learned about Melancholia
  • If he’d ever visited his father on a Lars von Trier set
  • How his father urged him to work with von Trier
  • How tightly-scripted the movie was
  • How von Trier works out and films the scenes
  • What filming the star-studded wedding reception was like
  • Whether he got any background on his character
  • How much he knew about the second half of the movie
  • How busy he’s been keeping during the off-season of “True Blood”
  • He talks a little about his upcoming movies The East, What Maisie Knew and Disconnect.
  • That crazy Battleship trailer!

  • Source: Cooming Soon

    “Battleship” trailer will be released this summer!

    Written by Jess on May 20 2011

    “I am very happy with the film, and of course I enjoyed the comments from people like [James] Cameron or Stephen Colbert, who wondered who would play the red pegs and who’d play the white pegs. I really appreciated their support. I understand the skepticism, but I think people will be surprised when Universal releases a trailer this summer. That should calm some of the fretting over the casting of the pegs. Universal has been really supportive through the whole process.”

    – Peter Berg, Battleship Director

    “Battleship” crew and cast at the LSU vs. Alabama game

    Written by Jess on November 09 2010

    Visit Baton Rouge hosted the cast and crew of the upcoming film Battleship, which is now filming in the “L.A. South” city, at last weekend’s LSU vs. Alabama game. Pictured here, tailgating before the game, are, from left to right: Patrick Mockler, Mockler Beverage; Brooklyn Decker, model and actress, Alexander Skarsgar…d, star of Battleship and HBO’s True Blood; Theresa Overby, director of communications, Visit Baton Rouge; and Paul Arrigo, CDME, President & CEO – Visit Baton Rouge. The city also is the filming location of the next two – and final – installments of the Twilight series.

    Source: Film Baton Rouge @ Facebook

    Alexander filming Battleship in Hawaii

    Written by Jess on October 24 2010

    Alexander Skarsgård and co-star, Taylor Kitsch filming “Battleship” in Hawaii on October 22, 2010. Pictures courtesy of Lotti from You can find more at the source. 🙂

    GQ UK: Alexander Skarsgård Interview

    Written by Jess on September 29 2010

    Alexander Skarsgård is big. Very big. But that much was apparent even before meets all 6’4″ of him in the flesh at a central London hotel, because when we announced on Twitter we were set to interview him we received an astonishing number of replies – mostly, it has to be said, from would-be fangbangers. Zoolander aside, the towering Swede first came to our attention as Sergeant Brad “Iceman” Colbert in the exceptional Iraq war miniseries Generation Kill, adapted from Evan Wright’s book by The Wire alumni David Simon and Ed Burns. But it wasn’t until his turn as the broodingly menacing 1,000-year-old vampire sheriff Eric Northman in another HBO must-see, True Blood, that we really bit. A peripheral but compelling presence in season one, Eric comes to the fore with arguably the most satisfying character arc in season two, currently airing on Channel 4 ( season three has just finished in the States). He’s since been shot by Annie Liebovitz for American fashion brand Hickey Freeman, crippled Lady Gaga in the video for “Paparazzi” and is now starring opposite Rihanna in upcoming big-budget blockbuster Battleship. “It’s pretty exciting. It’s a crazy production. I’ve never worked on anything of this magnitude. It’s so big. We’re shooting at Pearl Harbour on big ships. It’s a lot of fun.” Not least because he’s filming in Hawaii. “I went up to the North Shore and took a surf lesson and it was amazing. That’s definitely something I’m going to pick up. I’ve lived in California for for six years and I’ve never surfed.” Despite having been up since 4am (on account of jetlag rather than any nocturnal bloodsucking), he mainlined coffee and talked to us about fame, season four and why he “loves being naked”…

    The books vs the series
    We’re starting season four in two months. People are always like, “Tell us something, give us a spoiler.” And they think we’re lying when we say we don’t know but we honestly don’t! We get the scripts two weeks before we start shooting and then I just get episode one. While we’re shooting episode one, I get episode two. The show has got to take on a life of its own. There are tons of fans of the books out there, we want to entertain them, but if we did scene-by-scene or episode-by-episode following what happened in the books, then they wouldn’t be entertained. You want them to be on their toes! Plus for us working on the show we need to feel that the show is alive. It’s not like we know exactly what’s going to happen for the next seven years because things will change and things that might work great in the books but not on the set. Lafayette died in the first book but towards the end of season one everyone realised, “We can’t kill this character, he’s too good.” So they brought him back and he’s now one of the main characters.

    Eric vs Bill (who Skarsgård auditioned for)
    The thing with Bill Compton is – this is a year before I started, so very early on – they weren’t auditioning for other characters, they were only auditioning for Bill. So you’d have to ask Alan but I’m pretty sure that he didn’t have Bill in mind when he brought me in to read. Eric shows up later, he’s not in the pilot. They were auditioning for the pilot. So I’m pretty sure Alan already knew that I was better for Eric than Bill. It wasn’t really a case of me and Stephen for Bill. I think Alan was just scanning the market and meeting actors and everyone read for Bill. But of course I couldn’t play him. I’m definitely not right for Bill.

    Read the whole article at GQ official site.

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