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Gallery Updates: Filmography and Photoshoots

Written by Jess on January 10 2012

Hello guys!
I know that the Gallery still need to be updated with many albums (and I’ll make this) and I also know that I posted many pictures there but I don’t informed here, on site news.

So, for update the gallery, were posted some albums about Alex’s filmography . ASkarsDaily Gallery was updated with production stills, posters and screen captures (including HD caps) of “Melancholia”, “Straw Dogs” and oldest movies “Zoolander”, “The Last Drop” and the swedish film “Hundtricket”. The shoot session also was updated with some HQ pictures of GQ session, TV Guide and Interview Magazine. I hope you enjoy the albums and stay tuned for more updates on gallery!


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  • Alexander Skarsgård Talks Working With Dad Stellan

    Written by Jess on November 14 2011

    Alexander Skarsgard talks about working with his dad Stellan in the new film Melancholia in this recent interview with MTV.

    “It was awesome,”

    Alex said.

    “We’ve never worked together before. He’s one of my best friends. I love hanging out with him. Being able to hang out for two months – we shot in [our home country of] Sweden, and I thought it was great that he wasn’t my dad.”

    “They’re really cute together as father and son,”

    Alex’s co-star Kirsten Dunst said.

    “They’re like bros.”


    Video: E! News Interview with Alexander, Kiefer, and Kirsten

    Written by Jess on November 14 2011

    Alex, Kirsten and Kiefer were interviewed for E! News. They talked about “Melancholia” and Kirsten commented about “True Blood”, told that Alex’s vampire is your favorite on show. Check the video:

    Video Inverview: Alex Chats About Melancholia & His Other Movies

    Written by Jess on November 08 2011 released a video today of Alexander Skarsgård talking about the movies he has worked on during the True Blood hiatus.

    In the video interview below, you can hear a rather relaxed Skarsgård talking about:

  • How he learned about Melancholia
  • If he’d ever visited his father on a Lars von Trier set
  • How his father urged him to work with von Trier
  • How tightly-scripted the movie was
  • How von Trier works out and films the scenes
  • What filming the star-studded wedding reception was like
  • Whether he got any background on his character
  • How much he knew about the second half of the movie
  • How busy he’s been keeping during the off-season of “True Blood”
  • He talks a little about his upcoming movies The East, What Maisie Knew and Disconnect.
  • That crazy Battleship trailer!

  • Source: Cooming Soon

    Hamptons International Film Festival and Magazine Scans Updates

    Written by Jess on October 16 2011

    Hi everybody! I was to collect more material for the Galley of the site. Been updated new pictures of the event “NYC Premiere Melancholia”, “Hamptons International Film Festival” and several magazine scans of 2011. Check and enjoy it!


  • Public Appearances > 2011 > Hamptons International Film Festival Screening Of ”Melancholia”, October 14th
  • Public Appearances > 2011 > Melancholia NYC Premiere, October 3th
  • Magazine Scans > 2011 > The Sydney Morning Herald “Spectrum” 01-02 October’s inssue
  • Magazine Scans > 2011 > Men’s Journal October’s inssue
  • Magazine Scans > 2011 > Entertaiment Weekly September’s inssue
  • Magazine Scans > 2011 > Woonderland, September’s inssue
  • Magazine Scans > 2011 > The Sydney Morning Herald “Spectrum” 27-28 August’s inssue
  • Magazine Scans > 2011 > Jalouse France July-August’s inssue
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