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  • (On what he would change about the world): I would remove a bunch of idiots and bring in some honest angels.
  • I have never smoked and I think it smells like a b****, but I like cigar smoke, it reminds me of my grandfather.
  • I don’t want to sound like a cliché but my hobbies are boating, fishing, lying in front of a fire and drinking red wine.
  • (On what he looks for in a woman): I don’t go for really dressy woman. My family has a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. It has no phone, TV or shower. You have to swim in the lake to wash. I love it. Taking a girl there is a good indicator of whether she’s right for me. A sense of humor is number one for sure.
  • There’s not a single young girl that I know in Hollywood that I have not been paired with. But that’s what happens if I get into a taxi with a girl, suddenly we’re married.
  • I try to avoid blogs, or websites related to the show. As an actor, I don’t think it’s good to read everything that is written about True Blood. If you read a lot of positive things on the show, it would probably be bad for my ego. And negative criticism would get my attention but I would start doubting myself.
  • (On his role as Eric in True Blood): [Eric] has a sensitive side, is passionate and can be a valuable friend. He does not like many people, but those he loves, he is very dedicated to.
  • (On his character Eric on a True Blood): I was inspired by a tv documentary on lions that I saw. The way the male moves–confident, graceful, calm and quietly menacing. Make a wrong move and you’re dead. In his heart, Eric is a lion, an animal.
  • (On his character Eric on True Blood): Someone as powerful and experienced as [Eric] doesn’t need to show what he is. He only has to whisper, and people listen and obey.
  • (On the producers for the movie Thor): I know that they considered me for the part and I got, from what I understand, very close to getting it and that’s amazing because I know how many guys they look at for a part like that. I was very humbled by that.
  • I want to do more plays, definitely. That’s what I did when I was in Sweden – I did a lot of stage work. So I like to go back and forth between movies, television and stage. I think that keeps me motivated as an actor and keeps me on my toes, so I definitely want to do more theater.
  • I think Swedish directors are cowards. They know what works and then they only go after that. As an actor that is suicide. It is also why Swedish movies are going downhill; they are like semi warm bland milk, they don’t have their own language. My character situation at home was not interesting.
  • As an actor, I believe the character has to be born with you, and come from within you. It has to be that organic. As human beings, we have all those characteristics within us. I don’t believe in good people and bad people. I think we are a combination of both.
  • (On his inspiration as an actor): I think everything, it sounds kind of pretentious, but everything in life, everything around you everything you experience and see and do is helpful in your acting. I mean my father is an actor, so getting into acting, I don’t know, that might have played a part. I mean he was working on stage and I was sleeping, when I was a kid, so I spent most of my childhood running around backstage. So I kind of grew up on theater so.. I get inspired every time I see a good movie or performance, I’m inspired.
  • (Creed he lives by):  To always be curious. Because curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.
  • (In a 2009 interview): I’m in a state of where I’m very creative and I enjoy exploring my characters. I would not want to play the exact same character in 15 movies back to back.
  • There’s no real plan when I’m looking for a project or characters, it’s just a gut feeling and it starts with the material and the script: if I feel something when I read the script, if there’s a connection to a character, to the idea of the script and then obviously the circumstances, who’s going to direct it, who are the other actors.
  • (Advice to a 12-year-old who wants to pursue acting): Don’t think of it as work when you’re 12. Think of it as play. I’m 32 and I still don’t know what to do when I grow up.
  • (On preference between doing movies or TV): I think the quality of television today with HBO and Showtime are… it’s so good. So it doesn’t really matter. I don’t care if it’s movies or television, what’s important is the quality of the script and the people you work with.
  • The celebrity culture is very different in America. There are no paparazzi in Sweden, so I’m not harassed. It’s a socialist country, so you shouldn’t think you’re special. It’s not like L.A., where people drive around in their pimped-out Bentleys. In Sweden you’re supposed to drive your Volvo and shop at Ikea.
  • I know some actors are very comfortable spending hours online, Googling their own names, while reading the blogs and forums where they’re about True Blood and their characters. It’s just, I don’t know, I’d get very self conscious if I did that. And I would read something bad and I would be like, ‘Oh really… maybe… oh shit, is that true?’ So, I think it’s better for me to stay away from that.
  • (On what he misses when away from the US): I miss the intensity of New York, the sunsets in California and the mountains of Colorado.
  • (On whether he will become a film star diva): Yes, I will glide around with a feather boa around my neck and wear white fur. No, *laugh*. I have no ambitions to sit locked in a house in Bel Air with security guards, but I’m hoping to get the opportunity to hand pick the jobs I want, with something that challenges me.
  • (On the nudity in “True Blood”): I’m Scandinavian God dammit. We love to be naked.
  • (On his British movie “Beyond The Pole”): I wanted to experience silence. I’ve never experienced that. In my country, there’s the wind in the trees, you hear animals, birds somewhere. It’s so… amazing how compact the silence was. It’s like your ears are going to start bleeding, almost. It’s so intense.
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