Huge Gallery Update


 • Lady GaGa ‘Paparazzi’ Music Video (Production Stills) x001
 • Lady GaGa ‘Paparazzi’ Music Video (HQ Screen Captures) x204
 • “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” at Södra Teatern (HQ Production Stills) x005
 • True Blood Season 2 Press Conference, July 24th 2009 (HQ) x015
 • Ed Marshall Photoshoot, 2010 (HQ) x010
 • Elle Sweden Photoshoot, 2009 (MQ) x009
 • Billy Farrell Photoshoot, 2009 (HQ) x002
 • Henrik Montgomery Photoshoot, 2009 (HQ) x016
 • Stefan Forsell Photoshoot, 2008 (MQ) x001
 • Johan Jeppsson Photoshoot, 2008 (HQ) x008
 • Jonte Wentzel Photoshoot, 1998 (HQ) x001
 • Magnus Laupa Photoshoot, 1998 (HQ) x003
 • Jonas Hessman Photoshoot, 1999 (HQ) x001
 • Mattias Bardå Photoshoot, 1999 (HQ) x004
 • Rolf Adlercreutz Photoshoot, 1999 (HQ) x003
 • Urban Jörén Photoshoot, 2000 (HQ) x004
 • Thomas Nilsson Photoshoot, 2000 (HQ) x002
 • Magnus Jönsson Photoshoot, 2001 (HQ) x001 
 • Ola Torkelsson Photoshoot, 2002 (HQ) x003
 • Mia Carlsson Photoshoot, 2003 (HQ) x004
 • Jessica Gow Photoshoot, 2005 (HQ) x008
 • Lars Pehrson Photoshoot, 2006 (HQ) x003
 • Pontus Lundahl Photoshoot, 2006 (HQ) x003
 • Robban Andersson Photoshoot, 2006 (HQ) x003
 • Family Archive Pics 1978-1985 (HQ) x003

You can find much more in ASkars Daily Photogallery. Please note that I’m still adding old/new pics to the gallery so check it frequently.

Season 3: Comic-Con Second Half Preview


Alex at Comic Con? No, not really.

Unfortunately, no Alex at this year’s Comic Con (he’s filming ‘Melancholia’ in Sweden!) but the cast of True Blood was so sweet and they’ve brought a cardboard cutout of Alexander on stage 😀 The crowd went crazyyy! Click on the image above to watch this suprise “appearance” (it starts around 2:45).

True Blood Season 3 Stills

I’ve added some high quality episode stills from season 3 of HBO’s True Blood. Click on the image above to see them! Also, please credit ASkars Daily if you want to post it on your site.

Filming ‘Melancholia’ in Sweden

Alex is in Sweden now and filming his new movie “Melancholia“. He was photographed on the set with Kristen Dunst, his film co-star.

True Blood 3×05 “Trouble” Screencaps

As I promised, high resolution screen captures from Sunday’s episode of True Blood are now in the gallery.

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