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True Blood 3×12 Season Finale Teaser

Written by Jess on August 29 2010

The final episode will air on September 12nd only on HBO.

Emmys 2010 Live! Coverage

Written by Jess on August 29 2010

ASkars Daily is going to bring you live coverage from Emmy Awards 2010 today. The show starts at 8 ET/5 PT and this post will be updated with news, pictures and videos minute after minute. Stay tuned.

3:04 PT : The stars are now arriving for the Emmys red carpet. No sign of Alex yet. Watch TV Guide live stream by clicking on this link.
3:41 PT : Don’t worry! Alex still didn’t show up on the red carpet. But some of his True Blood co-stars did (e.g. Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell…). We’re waiting.
4:37 PT : Buzz Sugar – Alexander Skarsgard just gave Anna Paquin a huge hug!! (first pic!)
4:51 PT : Alexander hit the red carpet but just only for a minute. He wanted to run away from paparazzis but they were yelling “Alexanderrrrr, Alexanderrrr” and he turned back and posed for few pics. 😀 Love him!
5:00 PT : The show has just started!
• A small glimpse of Alexander at the beginning of the show (he’s there with his friend!). Credit: Sherry2227

6:54 PT : True Blood cast will present an award in 22 minutes.
7:27 PT : Only 7 minutes to see True Blood cast on the stage!
7:34 PT : True Blood trio on the stage! Alex is the hottest man in the building, for real. 😉 Video below, sorry for the crappy quality.

8:00 PT : The end. True Blood didn’t win in its category (Best Drama). That’s too bad!

Alexander in Swedish newspaper

Written by Jess on August 29 2010

From bluewhiteheart @ livejournal
The only thing worth mentioning really: (Well, I thought so.)

– Lars von Trier thinks Sweden is about to become more right-winged in politics than Denmark. This he got from watching ‘Allsång på Skansen’. (A TV program where the audience sings as well.) Lars: “I get provoked when I see a show like that. The only thing that’s missing is a swastika.”

– Alex said “if ‘Allsång på Skansken’ is the worst Sweden can come with it’s not too dangerous compared to Jörg Haider in Austria for example.”

– They talk a little bit about Stellan.

It’s mostly Lars who does the talking. And the rest is about his work and Melancholia.

By the way, I’ve uploaded three photoshoots from 2009 to our gallery.
Michael Muller at Comic Con
Chris Maluszynski at ‘Straw Dogs’ set
Jeff Lipsky for Entertainment Weekly

Alex is back in Los Angeles

Written by Jess on August 29 2010

Alexander is back in Los Angeles. He arrived at LAX yesterday afternoon. Tonight at the Emmys 2010, he will be wearing a Tom Ford black, peak lapel tuxedo, white evening shirt, black bowtie, white silk pocket square and black patent leather evening shoes. Alex’s hit vampire show is up for an Emmy this year in Best Series Drama. Check out more pictures over at Just Jared.

Threesome Anyone? True Blood Emmy Update!

Written by Jess on August 26 2010

As you may have heard, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård will be presenting at the Emmys on Sunday. And now we’re really super excited to report…

The trio will present together. No solo or twosomes like most of the other presenters. While we’re guessing they won’t be reenacting their blood-splattered Rolling Stone nakedness, that’s a whole lotta hotness on one stage, don’t ya think?

And they’re not just handing out one award. They’ll be giving out two: Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special and Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie.

Source: E! Online

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